Proton therapy center on the Campus

Wednesday 31 July 2013

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The UMCG becomes one of four cancer treatment locations  in the Netherlands with a proton therapy center. The ministry for public health, wellbeing and sports made the decision to add the proton therapy center. As it is relatively new in comparison to other radiations, yet with many advantages such as lower risk for damage on healthy tissue, the UMCG expects to treat an estimated 600 patients a year with this kind of therapy.

“One of the advantages of this therapy is the relatively low societal costs, due to the fact that patients will be able to be independent for a longer period of time without being reliant on additional care”, says Hans Langendijk, head of the department for radiotherapy. The center will approximately cost €80 Mio. and will be located on the Healthy Ageing Campus on the other side of the ERIBA institute. The UMCG plans to start building in 2014 and hopes to treat first patients by 2017.