Rehabilitation in virtual environment introduced

Wednesday 10 September 2014

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With the purchase of a GRAIL (Gait-Realtime Analysis Interactive Lab) UMCG Centre for Rehabilitation puts together with three other rehabilitation centers and the Rehabilitation Fund a big step in the innovation of rehabilitation. On September 10, the GRAIL in Beatrixoord officially opened, reports the UMCG.

The GRAIL is an advanced treadmill that allows movements in different directions, and the movements of the person who is walking on it. The band is surrounded by a large screen with a virtual world, such as a forest or busy shopping street. The virtual environment and the movements of the band are fully integrated. The patient sees his moves back into the virtual environment. He imagines himself in that environment and not focus on his disability or pain, but the goal he wants to achieve: Steps on the stump, or dodging a cyclist.

The UMCG Centre for Rehabilitation helps people with disabilities to participate in society. As walking  independently as possible is very important. Children with a spasm or adults cerebral infarction, or who have had serious accident or amputation, have great difficulty walking. They move so little and often cannot or dare not leave the house so they can come in isolation. For these people, the GRAIL proves a very effective means. Professor of rehabilitation medicine Jan Geertzen: "Scientific research shows that during recovery in this way is much faster. Patients find the practice in this safe environment pleasant and have fun. That motivates to exercise more often and go. Across borders And promotes faster and better recovery. "

For this innovative and effective way of rehabilitation to make accessible for many Dutch, four rehabilitation centers purchase this year GRAIL. Besides location Beatrixoord UMCG Centre for Rehabilitation are these: Big Klimmendaal in Arnhem, Breda and Revant in St. Maartens in Nijmegen. First GRAIL was placed this summer in Beatrixoord and on 10 September at 16.30 officially opened by Mechteld van der Beld, former director of the Rehabilitation Fund and initiator behind the purchase of the four Grails in the Netherlands.