Scientists make genetic profile of the Netherlands

Monday 30 June 2014

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Photo: Cisca Wijmenga
Photo: Cisca Wijmenga

The researchers analyzed the DNA sequence of 250 family trios consisting of two parents and a child, throughout the Netherlands. It is the first time that so accurately the genes of many healthy Dutch are analyzed.

All these data will make it easier to investigate the development of various diseases research. Project leader and professor of genetics Cisca Wijmenga UMCG: 'This role helps to establish links between genetic variation and disease. The pedigree of the Netherlands also provides information on major migrations in history. "

A striking result from the research is that each participant is found to have an average of twenty mutations which researchers thought that they caused rare diseases. "We take a lot of mutations that where we thought that they would be rather sickening anyway," says researcher Professor Paul Bakker UMC Utrecht. "But the participants in the study are healthy, so obviously not always cause disease mutations."

Two of the Dutch investigated were found to have, for example, those at a young age would lead to a rare metabolic disease (Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency), a mutation, but both are healthy people.