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Monday 9 March 2015

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The wide border INTERREG Va project "Health-i-care: we care for health and innovation" is looking for partners. The project is expected to start mid 2015 for a period of approximately 6 years, looking for a large number of companies who are interested to participate in the development of new innovative products and services for the NL-DE care market. As supporter of this project, we like to bring this to your attention.

Short information about "health-i-care"
Within the border region the Interreg Va project "Health-i-care: we care for health and innovation" looks for professional participation of around 20 SME and knowledge networks from the border region, also the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce (The Hague, Dusseldorf, Berlin) plays a significant role. The project "Health-i-care" is in the favorable position that the largest German-Dutch health network, which includes more than 1,000 experts as market demand and binds to the project. Therefore has "health-i-care" direct access to existing health care market with diverse user groups, which are used actively for the demand. The network currently consists of 6 patients networking, 141 hospitals, 351 foster care institutions, 9,000 medical practices (affiliated through the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung), 32 municipal health services, six universities, three insurers and several rehabilitation clinics.

To express your interest please fill out the form below and send it to In this way it is possible to get a good view of innovative SMEs in the border region, which targeted at health-I-care would like to participate.
Interest bearing project "Health-i-care"

For more information, please download flyer or interest form below:

Flyer in German
Flyer in Dutch
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