SNN: New program period 2014 - 2020

Tuesday 20 May 2014

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The desk for new ERDF Operational Programme for Northern Netherlands will open next fall. When exactly depends on the approval of the Operational Program ERDF Northern Netherlands by the European Union .

In the new program period it work with so-called tenders and calls. This means that project applications are evaluated and selected based on pre-selected criteria . In the previous years it was worked with the miller principle (first come, first served ) .

The content and objectives of the initial tender are currently being developed. It is clear that this tender will be on stimulating innovation and valorization focused on SMEs. The emphasis will probably be on support in the phase of the innovation process from product development and market introduction .

SNN is aiming the first tender on projects of clusters of companies and partnerships between businesses and universities. The budget of the first tender round is not yet known.

Once there is more information about the program and the tender is known , SNN will notify on their website.