Strategic cooperation UMCG and Siemens 'personalized healthcare'

Friday 26 September 2014

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Source: DvhN
Source: DvhN

The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and Siemens enter into a strategic partnership for the development and deployment of new imaging techniques in the clinic. Within this co-operation image-forming information will be coupled with laboratory data. This is a new and patient tailored diagnostics and therapy, or 'personalized healthcare' . This reduces the radiation load for the patient and avoids unnecessary diagnostics.

UMCG and Siemens enter into a joint research focused on diseases with a chronic character and / or a high mortality, such as cardiovascular disease, chronic pulmonary disease, cancer and dementia. The UMCG has lines of research in which scientists study these diseases. This knowledge and expertise will be linked to the information obtained from state of the art imaging techniques (imaging). An example is the ultra-low dose CT. This is a promising technique that can be used to include the early detection of chronic lung disease and tumors in the lung. In the right way to quantify the volume of the tumor plays an important role. In addition to ultra-low dose CT UMCG will also be provided with the latest systems in real-time PET-MRI and PET-CT.

The huge amounts of data (big data) generated by these techniques are associated with other clinical information flows, such as laboratory data. Also the knowledge of healthy individuals as obtained from LifeLines, a long-term three-generation study population in the Northern Netherlands, can be used to achieve. Until proper analysis The quantitative information that all this data will yield (big data analytics), can lead to an optimal and patient-tailored treatment proposal.

To make the aspirations arising from these scientific collaboration have the UMCG and Siemens Siemens agreed that for the next few years will take. Managing and maintaining the imaging infrastructure in itself Siemens holds with "updates and upgrades the imaging infrastructure of the UMCG state of the art. This makes sustainable scientific studies, and ensures that clinical practice can quickly take advantage of new opportunities for diagnosis.

These long-term and comprehensive cooperationare unique in the Dutch academic care and for both parties a logical continuation of cooperation in many areas. For example, Siemens delivered this year's biggest fire alarm system in Europe for the university medical center. Many of the medical imaging systems and related IT infrastructure was supplied by Siemens Healthcare and the current cooperation is a logical extension .. Siemens recently made known that the short-term facility with thirty employees opens on the Healthy Ageing- campus of the UMCG. When it agreed strategic partnership, both the Netherlands and Siemens Siemens AG involved. It is expressly intended to include other institutions and companies involved in this innovative collaboration.

For more information, please contact the press office UMCG, accessible via (050 361 22 00) or Siemens Netherlands, Cees den Bakker (070) 333 2340.


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