Symposium ‘Roestvrij Innoveren’

Monday 21 October 2013

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Symposium ‘Roestvrij Innoveren’

Rehabilitation care is facing a major challenge. New care arrangements, use of modern technology or new roles for professionals ask for smart partnerships closely related to the needs of society. Innovation is a must! But how?

At the event ‘Roestvrij Innoveren’ fresh minds, cross thinkers and pioneers invite you to think outside the box. Of the beaten path, debates and workshops are organized to explore together with other stakeholders, how rehabilitation care can make a better link to knowledge, education and healthcare organizations.

Directors, policy maker, entrepreneurs, doctors, therapists, researchers, teachers, care recipients, care givers and other stakeholders are invited on Saturday, November 9th , 2013 to join ‘Roestvrij Innoveren’ at the Beatrixoord in Haren. Participation capacities are limited.

For more information about ‘Roestvrij Innoveren’ go to: