#TAG: ZonMw call for National Elderly Care Programme

Monday 8 December 2014

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#TAG: ZonMw under the National Programme for the Elderly (abbreviated NPO) opened a call for innovative experiments and projects aimed at improving the care and support of older people with complex problems.

The maximum duration of the project is twelve months, with a maximum of € 500,000 per project. In total, divide a budget of € 4.8 million.

The innovative care or support where funding is requested, must be developed within the National Programme for the Elderly. The application must certify that there has been coordination with the network and / or the project manager of the NPO innovation on which the application is based.

Applications have until November 12, 2015 (15:00) to be submitted to ZonMw. For more information on: http://www.zonmw.nl/nl/subsidies/subsidiekalender/detail/item/nationaal-programma-ouderenzorg//