The fit campus: stair walking week!

Thursday 14 April 2016

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Do you enjoy working on your health? Then join of the National Stairs' week from April 11th till 15th! Join us, and read what the top runner and Hanze University assistant Yasmin Hillebrink says.

What does the employee of the Hanze University, the RUG of companies at the Zernike campus do? Do the often take the stairs? Or maybe more elevators? And they are consciously doing it? The Diabetes Foundation organizes every year the National Stairs' week to promote the importance of getting enough exercise attention. Hanze University has a special program to bring everyday health actions to the attention. HanzeFit brings within Hanzehogeschool the stairs during the week under consideration and is therefore different actions in store.

Athlete Yasmin Hillebrink
Yasmin Hillebrink is a member of the Commercial Economics course at the Hanze University and involved in the Johan Cruyff University, professional sports training. In addition, she also is doing professional sport, namely running. Yasmin practicing this sport now at elite level for two years. How do they experience the combination of athlete to work at Hanze University? Yasmin experiences this as a very nice combination, because the Hanze University encourages the development of talent. So they can practice after work or even work out in her break on the running track right behind her workplace is located. Yasmin: "Share your talents, move the world. That's basically what I'm doing. I think that if you're somewhere have talent or something incredibly passionate about, you should go for it. Because that is what makes you happy in the end I think."

'Stairs' week good initiative'
Yasmin find it a good initiative that climbing stairs is additionally brought to the attention and the Hanze University is participating in the national stair walking week. Because, as she says, "I think it's quite their system to take the elevator easily. They are not always aware of; hey I can also take the stairs. Now is the staircase also quite hidden in some locations. This does not make it easier to choose for the stairs. However I see fit colleagues around me. They are consciously working on diet and go for a walk at lunchtime. We still have a sitting job and it strikes me, however, that some colleagues have aches in their bodies, such as problems with the neck, caused by sitting many. I like to see that affected your body below your job. "

Yasmin herself is in the elevator at the moment. Literally and figuratively. Its sport performance going forward, her workouts have become heavier and therefore they try to avoid injuries and win in other areas of energy. Where she previously chose fanatic for taking the stairs to be fit, she just tries to avoid them at the moment and consciously choose to take the elevator.

Besides the conscious choice for the elevator, Yasmin is consciously concerned with nutrition and rest. "I still eat chocolate occasionally, a life without that I can not imagine. But I am living conscious. Also in the field of my rest; I sleep at least 8 hours a night and I really need to see if it fits into my training if I want to go to a concert o.i.d ". Where previously they sometimes could skip a night, now that will deteriorated her sport performance. "In addition, it is important to take care of my nutricion in combination with my training."

Motivation and discipline
Yasmin is looking for motivation and discipline to keep this lifestyle in having a higher purpose. She knows where she is training for and what they want to achieve. Namely the 10 kilometer walk within 31 minutes to participate with the European / world. Since Yasmin deliberately engaged in her diet, exercise and rest, she is fit every day and has been not sick in years and she feels energetic. A conscious lifestyle has everything to do with a healthy lifestyle.

Nevertheless, Yasmin has also bad day sometimes. Yasmin: "I experience sometimes an off day. What motivates me to work out is the feeling I achieve after work out, which is never negative. The substances that you create during exercise, the airy mental feeling is indescribable and it can not tell on! "

Join the National Stairs' week from April 11th till 15th and take the stairs more often!