The robots are coming!

Monday 27 January 2014

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Decades ago, the notion of robots assisting people was mostly the stuff of science fiction stories. Today robots have been in use in auto manufacturing, rescue and demining operations for some time. But they are now beginning to be utilized the healthcare sector. Lambert Schonmaker, professor at University of Groningen states, “the evolution of robots is similar to other life forms, according to the darwinian principle, will always the finest survive.

The spin-off company Assistobot, located in the R&D Hotel, is also busy looking for robotic solutions in the UMCG. Robot Rita is currently being placed in the intensive care environment to help patients. Schonmaker’s expert group ALICE (Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Engineering) has grown over the course of the past 20 years and attracts more than a hundred researchers.

To celebrate its 20 years of existence, ALICE is organizing a series of presentation with topics such as artificial intelligent and robotica.

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