UMCG finds substance to reduce asthma attacks

Monday 20 April 2015

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Scientists at the UMCG have found a way to prevent an incipient asthma attack. An asthma attack usually begins with a virus, such as a flu. Such a virus can be inhibited by a protein, called Pim1 kinase. That protein can be suppressed such viruses in the lung cells and that could lead to the development of asthma, it is expected. ,,This offers hope to all people with asthma , because asthma attacks are still unavoidable, '' said Michael Rutgers, Director of the Long Fund. Asthma is basically incurable. Treatment focuses on controlling symptoms such as shortness of breath. In the Netherlands, half a million asthma. Among children is the largest incurable disease. Martijn Nawijn and Maaike de Vries have conducted research into the protein against asthma.