UMCG first in the country to introduce lifesaving perfusion room

Tuesday 14 October 2014

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The UMCG will be the first hospital in the Netherlands an organ perfusion room. That is a special operating room in which organs that are waiting for a transplant can be kept. In some cases, the organs can be restored. At the same time, the transplants can be better planned so that no doctor overtired need to start on such major surgery.

"Perfusion" means "the pacing of fluid circulation in the body." The organs are better preserved or improved by allowing flow of liquids. What liquids that are different for each body: the example could be blood or water, with or without additives. A liver has other substances than a kidney or a heart. In all cases, there is also oxygen is added to the organ. Previously, the organs were only placed on ice. The bodies were so at the time of transplant never in optimum condition. The dying process always causes damage to organs; The new technique slows the process.

Already made ​​a Groningen invention transplant that were actually rejected possible livers. Also lungs can be kept for longer thanks to a machine that moisture in the lungs occurs after the death of a patient, can remove. So far in our country annually seventy lung transplants performed. It is expected that, thanks to the perfusion room ten to twenty more.

To the pump
The perfusion chamber will be in the future, other organs, such as kidneys and hearts, can save you. Lung, which had to be previously transplanted within six to seven hours will soon be able to wait for twenty-four hours while he is "at the pump." "We buy time," says Michiel Erasmus thoracic surgeon.

In this way can be planned which operation takes priority when a patient should receive for example. Multiple organs transplanted efficient this will prevent the same doctor night long takes and is not as sharp as it should be in such a violent operation. Erasmus: "A lung transplant takes about twelve hours. If the organs are kept longer, we can better plan, so that the doctor is always fresh."


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