UMCG launches one of the biggest cancer studies worldwide

Monday 9 February 2015

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Researchers from the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) have developed a new method to map the development of cancer better.

Cancer is caused by mutations in the DNA. But in order to be able to detect those changes, it is necessary to examine the DNA of a lot of cancer patients. With the new method, they were able to analyze the data from more than 16,000 cancer patients. That this is now one of the world 's largest cancer study ever. The new method was developed by a research team led by geneticist Prof. Lude Franke: " The systematic analysis of the DNA of 16,000 tumors is very expensive. However, in the last fifteen years is very much looked at gene expression and these measurements are publicly available. We have developed a new statistical method allowing us to reuse that data. Of over 16,000 tumors, we can thus determine what changes occur in the DNA. We saw that prevent certain abnormalities in the DNA very often, while other abnormalities only in specific tumors, such as breast cancer prevention. ' New method makes larger studies about cancers possible.


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