UMCG is moving forward with proton facility

Friday 20 June 2014

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The UMCG expects to start construction in the spring of 2015 and to treat the first patients by 2017. The proton center will be located at the UMCG terrain and is part of the UMC Groningen Cancer Center, where oncology patients in one place all the available treatments are offered, both to children and to adults. The number of patients to be treated with proton therapy at the UMCG will gradually increase to 600 per year.

The UMCG has been working on plans to build a proton therapy center and has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of proton therapy developed. The introduction of proton therapy in the Netherlands is partly based on the "model-based" strategy developed in the UMCG. This method can be calculated using planning software and predictive models for which patient proton therapy offers advantages over conventional radiotherapy.

The UMCG has the delivery and implementation of equipment for its proton therapy center awarded to supplier IBA. IBA came out on top in the European tender procedure the UMCG has passed. With the award of IBA chooses the UMCG for an experienced and reliable partner, world leader in proton therapy equipment. Puts the next step in the realization of its proton therapy center. The UMCG is expected before the end of 2014 to sign, subject to contracting of proton therapy by health insurers. Contracts with IBA proton therapy. The UMCG will use the Proteus ® PLUS solution of IBA including sophisticated pencil beam scanning technique. This technique is used worldwide in a growing number of institutions and the default will be used for new treatment facilities in the Netherlands. The contract includes the supply, implementation and maintenance of proton therapy equipment and has a value of approximately 50 million.

In December 2013 it was announced that the UMCG obtains authorization for proton therapy. Since then discuss health insurers led by Netherlands Insurers (ZN) on the contracting of proton therapy centers. It was recently announced that ZN needs more time to reach a decision.

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