Professor of the UMCG co-developed an application for COPD patients

Thursday 29 October 2015

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Source: Groninger Gezinsbode
Source: Groninger Gezinsbode

Professor Thys van der Molen of the Univeritair Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is specialized in asthma en COPD and co-developed the Volari-application. It is an application for the smartphone and tablet that gives insight in the lifestyle of COPD patients and helps and stimulates them to manage their disease better.

The application is developed in collaboration of 100 Dutch COPD patients. According to prof. van der Molen is the most important factor by threating the COPD is the patient. “The commitment of the patient is determined and this application is an important instrument and an efficient way to guide the patient”, says van der Molen. The application awards good behavior, which will stimulate users for daily use. This is very important according to van der Molen: “Because it is very important for people to improve their behavior every day and results will be visible after a long time.”

Recognize patterns
Entering the data in the application is very simple. The patients can, on basics of the reports, recognize how their health is going, per day, week or month. The application will cause more awareness by the patients about their behavior and patterns. This will stimulate them to life more healthy.