Weite Oldenziel (Ofichem) on NChannel: “We have a company that is ready for the future”

Wednesday 16 March 2016

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Turbulent. That is what you could call the history of the Ofichem Group. In the mid 70s, Dr. O. H. Oldenziel and H.H. Oldenziel-Meursing,  founded Lab Ofichem. They worked hard for years to build the family business into a good functioning company. And this aim was achieved. Their son Weite Oldenziel, is now General Director of the Ofichem Group. He tells us about the history of the Group, his father and the plans for the future.

About the Ofichem Group

The Ofichem Group manufactures, develops and distributes active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for both the veterinary and human market. These active compounds are distributed worldwide to pharmaceutical producers. The production of APIs is in accordance with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The Ofichem Group also has his own laboratory which doesn’t only analyse the produced APIs, but also analyses APIs for external clients.   

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