Flexible package

Flex workplace

Get inspired by the stimulating open environment of the general flex-desk area where a balance between serious work and relaxation takes physical form. The entrance of the general area is accompanied by the pantry, lunch tables and sofas. Further down this large open office, serious work is accomodated as the flex-desks are more sheltered from sound and movement. 

A Flexible Package allows the Applicant to work at any of the flex-desks in the designated Flex-area.  These flex-desks are for general use and therefore cannot be claimed for personal use. The R&D Hotel maintains a clean desk policy to secure the availability of the flex-desks.


  • Business address (and fowarding if needful)
  • Locker
  • Catering (on demand)
  • Other service required? We'll take care of it!

Flexible package

€ 100 ,00 Per Month

This package includes:

  • Flex workplace at the open plan office
  • Fibre glass internet connection (WIFI)
  • Coffee corner and kitchen facilities
  • Print and copy corner (fair use)
  • Phone cells

This membership is available:

  • Per Month - €100
  • Per Day - €15
  • Per Week - €35