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 The Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands connects all knowledge and educational institutions, the  authorities, and the business community in the field of active and healthy ageing. The main goals of the HANNN is achieving economic and societal impact through research driven innovation and implementation  aimed at adding healthy years to life, explicitly focusing on the entire life cycle.



Zorg Innovatie Forum is an initiative of forty-care providers, insurance companies, institutions in the social domain, housing, educational institutions and civic initiatives. We make structural reforms in the field of health. We focus on the development of care which will provide the possibility for people to live independently longer in their own home, on effective care for the elderly and youth health.


Netwerk ZON

Network Zon is the network of care and welfare education programs in Groningen, Drenthe and Overijssel North. Netwerk Zon is not an abbreviation but stands for energy, cyclic, sustainability and networking care, welfare and education.


Carduso Capital

  Within the business climate around knowledge centres UG/UMCG there is an increase of start-ups and initiatives to  investigate the possibilities there to. The most promising companies will at a certain moment search for venture  capital to finance their growth. Carduso Capital wants to participate in this type of companies by putting in, besides  capital, also their strategic knowledge.



Hero Biotechnology BV is a Dutch private company dedicated to the development of new treatments for infectious diseases. The company is developing new drugs from research stage to clinical stage focusing on biologicals, especially fully human monoclonal antibodies. The lead compound, IQ-DAA, is a clinical stage antibody mixture for the treatment of inhalation anthrax.



The Partnership of UMCG – Siemens for building the future of Health (PUSH) integrates the best of imaging technologies, longitudinal data and advanced blood and genetic marker development and is guided by state of the art clinical knowledge. Through this unique approach, the partnership aims at improving current and at developing new diagnostic (imaging) algorithms to have serious impact on clinical practice in a 15 years perspective.



Brains On-Line is a contract research organization (CRO) that operates in the life sciences and pharmaceutical fields. We specialize in preclinical testing of central nervous system targeted drugs. The company is able to provide world-wide coverage from its research facilities in Groningen (The Netherlands) and San Francisco (USA), and the business offices in Kurume (Japan).



 COSMONiO® designs cutting-edge computer-vision and machine-learning systems that automate the process  of extracting visual information from images even under the most challenging conditions.



 BiOrion is a Dutch biopharmaceutical drug discovery company involved in developing targeted therapeutics  and companion imaging diagnostics for myofibroblast-associated diseases, such as hepatic fibrosis, renal fibrosis,  cardiac fibrosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and fibrosis-associated cancers such as pancreatic cancer and glioma. 


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