Biomaterials Development Center

long-term, exclusive public-private partnerships

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The goal of the Biomaterials Development Center (BDC) is to reduce implant related infections by bringing a number of innovative infection-resistant biomaterials (or coatings) to clinical application

By formulating long-term, exclusive public-private partnerships with medical device or polymer companies, we can bring infection-resistant Biomaterials to clinical practice. Together we can overcome many of the key issues that have previously resulted in biomaterials being lost in translation from­ bench to bed (clinical application).

By combining the extensive knowledge, facilities and resources of the BDC together with the market knowledge, engineering skills and resources of a proven medical device/polymer company, we can jointly develop new infection-resistant materials and bring them to clinical application.

We invite major device or material companies to commit for 10 years to co-develop:

  • Joint prostheses
  • Bone fixation plates, pins and screws
  • Dental implants and materials
  • Ocular, contact and intra-ocular lenses
  • Vascular grafts
  • Urinary and intra-vascular catheters
  • Surgical meshes
  • Voice prostheses

Exclusivity is limited to individual or combined fields

Biomaterials Development Center

Hanzeplein 1,
9700 RB Groningen,
The Netherlands

Craig A. Grove PhD, Project manager

Tel: +31 (0)652724594


"Infection is the major cause of implant failure. On average, 5% of all biomaterial-implant patients experience severe complications, mainly due to infection."



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