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The importance of value creation - valorization -

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Public funding for fundamental research is declining. As of 2016, the (Dutch) government will start to view social and economic impact as a key performance indicator for public research institutes. The responsibility to proof what research is worth falls on those who require the funds: researchers need to show social and economic impact. Valorization is the application of assets so that they proof their value when they result in earnings.

Campus expertise includes that of entrepreneurship, IP management, business development, management consulting, funding, real estate and financial services, as well as legal and regulatory affairs. We work with clustered SMEs to formulate research questions and realize market-driven fundamental research


Putting our assets to use.
From inventions to innovations


Social and economic


Shared regional ambition;
'Healthy Ageing’
on ‘Our Campus’
in the ‘R&D Hotel



The people on the campus,
are the campus.


The services on the Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands
all have a similar objective:

  • Facilitating valorization of fundamental research so that it returns in finances for more fundamental research.
  • Fundamental research results in ideas that, through valorization, reach the market
  • The campus parties match-make departments / PI's with organizations in their network, providing project management and legal support on for example intellectual property  issues, providing accommodation and developing financial instruments.
Demand driven exploration

Experimenting with new alternatives to solve current societal issues in the field of our shared ambition; Healthy Ageing




Streamlined exploitation

Applying competences, technologies & expertise into products and services with impact, working together with local and regional Healthy Ageing companies.



Network and collaboration

Bringing together researchers and entrepreneurs; the R&D Hotel is a great example of how the Campus facilitates collaboration.