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Individuals or small enterprises often show great potential in developing innovations that can be of great value to our ageing society. These enterprises create jobs and untimatly take part in stearing a countries economy.

Innovation Vouchers

With the vouchers, the Campus aims to help increase the success rates of grant applications of innovative SMEs. The Voucher will cover half (50%), up to €10,000, of the cost of a hired external expert.


Life Science and Energy

Health Care

Proof-of-Concept fund

Obtaining proof-of-concept is often essential for continued development  and to attract interested partners or additional capital. The Proof-of-Concept fund is specifically for obtaining technical feasibility of ideas. The fund is solely intended to demonstrate proof-of-concept and cannot be applied to support corporate and personnel costs.

  • Funding by loan, risk sharing
  • Maximum 100 thousand euros
  • Repayment is dependent on technical and commercial success
  • Available for SMEs developing intellectual property licensed from RUG or UMCG
  • Fields of life sciences and energy

Technovation loan

Every company starts with a good or, preferably, great idea. Before this idea has been proven to work and made profitable, significant time and money will be required. The Technovation loan which is provided in collaboration with Rabobank, is a pre-seed loan for start-up companies in order to develop their company. The company has to develop a product or service which is based on a new invention or application.

  • Funding by loan
  • Maximum 100 thousand euros per member of the company’s management team
  • Available for start-ups and young companies (< 5 years) with a new invention or application
  • Fields of life sciences and energy


Employees of UMCG can apply for GoudideeUMCG  funding when they have an innovative healthcare related idea. GoudideeUMCG is intended to fund the development of an idea into a new company or marketable product or concept. The fund is managed by Triade, characteristics of GoudideeUMCG are:

  • Funding by loan or equity investment
  • Maximum 25 thousand euros
  • Available for employees of UMCG
  • Field of health care

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