#TAG: Tailored Approach to Grants for SMEs

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It is often a challenge for SMEs to attract (European) subsidies: the success-rates are low and they often lack the appropriate experience and knowledge. #TAG (Tailored Approach to Grants) helps entrepreneurs to apply for (local, regional, national and European) grants by providing a structure for project definition, formation and management. 

H.A. Innovation Vouchers provide financial support to hire experienced European grants experts. 

#TAG Activities

The Campus collects and disseminates grant information by translating general grant information into comprehensible, short messages for entrepreneurs. Uppon request, the details can be discussed in an personal meeting with a Campus Business Developer.

The Campus formulates projects from ambitions and links projects to calls. The Campus helps entrepreneurs to define and build projects and (where necessary) match them to grants. To increase the chance of success, expert committees consisting of scientists and entrepreneurs assess projects on their Excellence in Science, Technology, Impact and Implementation.

The Campus helps SMEs to write successful grant applications. Entrepreneurs will always have to write the content of the grant application. However, having a process manager and a network of experienced experts at your service, significantly increases the chance of success.

The Campus helps SMEs to comply with the grant requirements. The Campus can helps SMEs to coordinate subsidized projects and comply with its rules and regulations through its project management tools. 

H2020 SME-Instrument

H2020 is the EU Research and Innovation programme with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014-2020). It supports SMEs by providing both direct financial support and indirect support to increase innovation capacity. 

H2020 - SME Instrument


Interreg 2014-2020 is a grant program of the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO), through which many different parties from different countries cooperate for a sustainable and competitive region.

INTERREG NorthSeaRegion


Eurostars is a programme that supports research-performing SMEs which develop innovative products, processes and services, to gain competitive advantage,by providing funding for transnational innovation projects.

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Northern Netherlands subsidies 2016

SNN has different subsidies and financing oppurtunities for entrepeneurs of SMEs. Which subsidy is suitable depends on innovative type, the kind collaboration and the distance between the market. 

The SNN provides three types of financial instruments:

  • Subsidy regulations: these trajects are meant for small projects. Subsidy schemes are the most accessible tools offered by the SNN. As an applicant meets certain objective criteria, and there is budget available, he / she gets grant.
  • A Tender: this budget is meant for complex projects. With a tender there will be a budget made available for a certain period. The applications submitted within this period are evaluated and compared, if they fulfill certain criteria. The highest scoring projects receive funding.
  • A call: also for relatively complex projects. Difference with a tender is that the assessment within a call is in no competition with other projects. Applications are reviewed in the order of received. Projects that achieve a certain minimum score, get subsidy as long as there is available budget.
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