Healthy Ageing

A unique vision on Healthy Ageing

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Healthy ageing is a lifelong process that starts even before conception, with parents who pass on their genes and with them the risks and opportunities for a healthy life course, or the occurrence of illness later in life. Lifestyle, food patterns and environmental factors influence the development of health.

The challenge is Healthy Ageing: growing older in a healthy and active way. Maintaining good health well beyond pension age would greatly enhance quality of life and well being, as well as labour participation, informal care capacity and other significant contribution to society. However, new knowledge is required about the influence of these factors, and how they interact with one another.

Healthy Ageing over the course of life

Healthy Ageing Ambition
Healthy Ageing Ambition

In the coming years the Netherlands (just as the rest of the Western world) will face the challenge of helping more people to live longer, healthy and active lives. Life expectancy has increased substantially in the last 50 years. But the age at wich aging phenomena and chronic diseases occur has not changed in step.

In other words, the number of healthy life years is considerably falling behind the number of extra years of life.





Major research programmes with focus on Healthy Ageing

With its internationally renowned research programmes such as the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA) and Biobank LifeLines, the Healthy Ageing Campus is on the front-line in solving the crucial questions related to Healthy Ageing: the 21st century is to be devoted to advancing and preserving health.


The European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA) is a research institute which will focus on fundamental biological problems. It is likely that knowledge that is acquired will repeatedly generate intellectual property.

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LifeLines is one of the most valuable multidimensional cohortstudies and biobanks in the world, offering a unique data resource with a broad scope of (epi)genetic, biomedical, environmental and psychosocial factors in relation to healthy ageing.

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